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tv   [untitled]    March 29, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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if. the libyan rebels rapid advance towards the capital is halted with reports that gadhafi forces are using heavy shelling despite the clearing a cease fire. put in not the side willing to back down you know in the spirit of an impending bloodbath with rebels launched the next attack i'm going to say in the capital city of tripoli join me in a few moments and i'll bring you all. the foreign heavyweights gather in london to thrash out libya's next chapter but no one's invited from either the libyan government or the rebels even though it is their future at stake. and russia remembers the thirty eight people killed in the moscow metro blast
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a year ago when suicide bombers blew themselves up during the morning rush hour. this is our secret united from the russian capital where it's now eight pm and six pm in libya where off the record of violence libyan rebels are now being pushed further back from the outskirts of colonel gadhafi hometown there are reports of a heavy bombardment. being used by pro-government forces despite claims of a cease fire. has more now from the capital tripoli. they have been is strikes overnight and into the early hours of this morning tuesday here in the capital city of tripoli beat the targets were both military and civilian now we are just hearing reports that in terms of the fighting on the ground the frontline has been pushed backwards to the city of. away from the city of sirte that is gadhafi hometown we
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are hearing just received reports though from doctors inside said they say that there have been fifteen hundreds of patients libyan soldiers who have been targeted in these coalition air strikes the doctors saying that many of them have lost limbs they've lost arms they've lost made and they have deep shrapnel wounds to their heads the doctors also say that it's impossible to determine how many people have been killed in these is strikes because many of them have died on the sides of the roads and they've been just been buried there now the rebels all suggesting that if they cannot break through that these defenses in sirte they will work they wait around the city to the city of misrata misrata is the third largest city in this country it is the last and only stronghold in the wisdom parts of this country we still though continue to hear reports of intensive shelling of intensive fighting taking place there now doctors there are warning that we can that it's here in crisis not only because of the situation among libyans in souls but we're not being
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told that more than four thousand egypt shouldnt and other africans are housed in tents and that they are facing in painting starvation and also the risk of diseases breaking out in the last twenty four hour with eight people have died in this water boarding twenty four have been injured a group of international journalists was taken there a few hours ago and although we were prevented from actually reaching the city center from the outskirts it's quite clear in terms of the destruction and devastation there was broken glass from windows of buildings bullet holes in the walls of those buildings there were a number of burnt out civilian vehicles as well as burnt out times people are encouraged by the basis reports that the rebels are actually being. pushed backwards yesterday monday the city was in a state of fear the early reports actually suggested that the city of sirte had already been taken the city is essentially in a state of lockdown in addition to the impending fear that the rebel fighters make good on their promise to actually march on shipping the archaea growing shortages
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of fuel. we've seen queues of people not only in the front of it will stations but also in front of bakeries supermarkets and other such schools it is understood that tripoli is not only a strategic important city for the rebels but it has great symbolic value it certainly is something that is incentivizing these rebel fighters to march to which tripoli and because of that residents are all driving around they need a woman a good athlete and so he they are increasingly alarmed by the reports that this frontline keeps getting pushed. reporting from tripoli while foreign ministers from over thirty five countries are meeting in london to libya's political future and our course is following the meeting there. but there are a lot of countries represented here in london today between thirty five and forty thirty seven actually by my count clearing the u.k. plus representatives from nato the european union the united nations and of course
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importantly the arab league also important to note that russia and china neither of those countries are presidents so that sort of takes out two dissenting voices potentially from around the table because of course they abstain and both of those where the u.n. has voted when the security council voted on the resolution which which took them to libya in the first place and there's been a lot of talk so far about speaking with one voice particularly from hillary clinton at the very beginning of the meeting so it's very unclear what these countries and these these organizations are actually going to be able to agree on their office you coming to the table with the will to agree but what we might ultimately result in is something like agreeing to agree rather than any sort of concrete decision the outlines three goals for this meeting the first was to reaffirm the commitment to that u.n. resolution which which allowed the adoption of a no fly zone over libya also said that they were going to be very proactive in
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terms of humanitarian aid and also to help plan for the future in libya we are seeing members of the rebel forces of the opposition are here in london and they have met this morning with william hague and hillary clinton also the foreign ministers of france and germany so they are informing the process but they haven't been invited to this main meeting because he and his government are still in charge no representatives at all here in london at the meeting on the fringes of the meeting from because of these government but he sent a letter to this meeting asking them to end what he's calling their barbaric offensive and likening these strikes to hitler's military offensives in world war two members of the rebel forces has a short time in. given a media conference in which they said that the task of liberating libya is for the libyans that they didn't ask for this intervention they're quite pleased it's happened but then going forward they must be in charge of the process themselves in
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the document they released they said that there are two non-negotiable points that they would like to see enforced the first is that the new libya should be a united libya one country with tripoli as its capital and the second is that they want to prosecute and his son and his aides in the international court on humanitarian grounds now that might result in a bone of contention between libya and the international community because they're already divided about whether to actually bring good athletes and books are committed to it but other countries including italy and germany are saying why didn't we offer him a deal why don't we say if you step down now will offer him immunity from prosecution and that he can live out his life in exile so that's also something that is likely to be discussed today or image reporting there from london and dr mimi from the institute of islamic political thought says although libyan rebel representatives held fringe talks in london there's still disagreement between those deciding their future. some of the members of this international coalition.
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have already discounted gaddafi and his regime and recognized the leaders of the rebels as the legitimate representatives of the libyan people and i remember that this started with a very limited mandate to impose a no fly zone and then very quickly progressed into bombardment of the gaddafi forces in order to fill the balance in favor of the rebels or the revolutionaries and now there is talk about removing gadhafi altogether and this is not something that everybody agrees on or everybody has a clear vision as to how it could proceed and i think one of the signs of the lack of consensus is the fact there representatives of the rebels although they are in london have not been invited to the meeting and that just shows that there is no
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agreement to recognize them all to even deal with them. there is a suspicion that armor piercing radioactive weapons are being deployed by foreign forces in libya the u.s. says it's not aware depleted uranium is being used while the u.k. flatly denying it but it's an observer kristoff who still says that nato chief members have a habit of using your brain and weapons and it's likely libya's in line. we have news reports on this we know that the u.s. and other countries like the united kingdom as well using these weapons constantly that they're unfortunately dirty habit and they have used it on the parklands in iraq i understand and there is an from tripoli no exception to libya the u.s. and others will use you really imbalanced and you're in your myside you're a new material in weapons in any case in fact to pierce the armor and if that happens it is impossible to keep the libyan population out of suffering uranium
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bombs mean that the genetic code in the people is broken by very small nano size particles they will give birth to mutilated children and that means there has to be an inquiry then our so there has to be a second inquiry know how the uprising in libya started and who did that because that was certainly done from the outside given this pre-knowledge of training of nato bombers like from denmark for attacks on libya so and then of course we have to immediately make sure that all these attacks stop right now what we're doing is we are taking sides in a civilian war and that should not be done in a civil war is not what we should interfere in. by the way all of his correspondents are keeping updated around the clock from libya they're bringing what they're seeing firsthand through auntie's twitter stream and facebook page for
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video reports from where the stories happening head for artie's you tube channel but. here's. the. moving through developments in syria now where the president's accepted his cabinets resignation the move comes amid weeks of violent crackdowns on demonstrations calling for liberty reforms and despite a massive pro president rally on tuesday a new government is expected to be in place on wednesday as well as the lifting of a controversial state of emergency it's been in effect for nearly fifty years has been eleven days of fighting in the country with more than one hundred fifty people killed when the president plans foreign sources locals claim government troops are
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behind police and violence serious situation is raising fears of another foreign intervention could be possible our correspondent the telling of it ever is in the capital damascus. here in the syrian capital. our. country there's. no doubt you see that. this is. the country's economy and that is something that. they actually some years. since you insist. on. coming. and that's something that the missing out. there are said was happening right now he just. seems this
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issue because even if he was missing. i don't think. that that's an issue you simply want to leave the. house. in order to protest distance which is such a and b. and not like to treat. the sick in libya here are seeing. that the. other week. maybe i am missing the piece. i shall hear this exactly which essentially frankly legally you would not shut us out if you would a stately as if to say that's it i. heard you were sleeping down
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prices in the city. before you got the worse it. there was a markedly some of the atmosphere on last goes metro this change then a year off that was rocked by two terror attacks this year commuters who killed and many others injured when two female suicide bombers blew themselves up in two stations during the morning rush hour people of reports now from outside one of them. it's a busy average tuesday across the metro system but a very somber atmosphere here at park station where i am also at lubyanka in the center of the city we've seen many people turning up with flowers to pay their respects to those who died in these two suicide blasts as well as remembering those who were injured in these attacks is well known to say many people stop wishing a. makeshift memorial there on the platforms no i said a very busy day on the metro one thing that has come from this is it hasn't stopped
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people from using the metro system and still saying that they won't let the terrorists win and won't stop them from using the getting on with their day to day lives now my colleague. spoke to some of those who were caught up in the blast a year ago it started off as just an ordinary monday morning for me he like many others had a certain string in his step knowing that harshman school winter was over but little did he realize the nightmare he would be thrown into just a few minutes later suddenly there was a horrible sound as if something huge had formed. and i woke up on the small. people. rushing. the car with me he had heard it was the start of the worst terrorist attack in the russian capital in six years just before eight am the first of two
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explosions hit the moscow subway killing twenty four people at a crowded lubanga station which lies beneath the had quarters of the federal security service forty minutes later the terror trail moved south targeting a station at a crucial city intersection killing twelve. the stock. i'm going to be facing. that eight thirty eight right in the middle of the rush hour it struck at the back of the train us commuters trying to get on board it was dark there was no lighting and i just thought what is that whatever remained of them some of them were stretched on the floor near the metro train and the site was horrible it was people what just before your eyes and there was nothing that would save them with eight million commuters every day moscow subways one of the busiest
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in the world that's made it a terrorist target in the past and on the stage a year ago in wants to be a target once again a twenty year old student leader so the horrors for herself the true fuses to live in fear today. sometimes i feel something like this i think about this but general i think that we have safe safety now. a year ago tires broad law school to a standstill by going to our reading life but if they wanted to destroy people's spirits the goal was certainly know what it says or live goals own and while the terrorists were out to millions both in moscow and across the globe remains it's something people how low to live with the question also moscow well in january moscow again was the target for suicide bombers this time it was adama geode of the airport a blast there killing many and leaving many many more injured now this prompted
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president medvedev to order view of how russia defended itself against terrorist attacks and put in place many new systems to make sure that terrorists couldn't strike at the capital again and yet every day to day to day lives you will be seeing more police around on the metro system as well as on other transport networks across russia but there's also a wider larger scale turn anti terrorist operation ongoing the. been ongoing for a long time now in the north caucasus where russian security forces fighting against funding against terrorists groups there now both the moscow metro bombing a year ago and the suicide attack on. the airport were both claimed by the same man rushes number one most wanted terrorist model for now the most recent. operation was the the largest in recent memory now that left seventeen gunman dead and in good shape here now among them it was reported that doku
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a model of may have been killed now it's must be reiterated that these are unconfirmed reports that we cannot confirm a model was among those killed but it has been suggested that he may have been amongst those who resisted arrest by russian security forces an english a.t.m. and were killed. president appeared to be timid to get of his being very strong in his words about what he what he saying to those people who have been involved in organizing terrorist attacks in russia and those who resist arrest saying that they will face the strongest possible penalties. but we've identified all the suspects behind this most horrible of crimes most of them were eliminated during special operations this is a just punishment the fact that we've managed to get these villains is good i think that we worked well in cooperation with different parts of the government we've been able to bring them serious losses as moscow remembers those who were killed in
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injured in suicide bombings on the metro system a year ago president dmitri medvedev vows to bring those who are responsible to justice and any means possible. japan's describing the situation at the fukushima nuclear station is very grave and detected in soil near the plant off the highly radioactive water leaked from one of the reactors the government says it's on maximum alert to tackle a crisis. it's also considering whether to extend the evacuation zone around the plant which is now thirty kilometer radius the bathrooms he was stored cooling system has been underway for almost three weeks but with little progress ever since the reactors were damaged by the earthquake traces of radiation were found in some products in tap water as far as tokyo which is two hundred fifty kilometers south of the machine or the country still struggling to look after communities shattered by the earthquake and tsunami disaster nearly a quarter of a million people are still living in mass shelters. where by the way are to dot com much more in japan as it struggles to recover from disaster we've online video
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reports from the moment tragedy struck and its aftermath. with the bodies of thousands of victims relatives are being forced to lay their loved ones to rest in mass graves r.t. reports from the tsunami devastated region and also a night. of warning of more to come as earthquake experts say the seismic specific ring of fire could lead to the thought of destruction in the region that's available that. block up. but before we have the business news with dmitri let's check out some of the other international stories making headlines at the moment gunmen in military uniforms have killed all hostages held in a government building in northern iraq and then went after a suicide bomb belts detonated their local officials say the siege has now ended in the town of tikrit and sixty five have been injured the government have also been firing on iraq it security forces who have surrounded the building. the u.s.
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army is apologize for the disturbing images which show soldiers posing with dead afghan civilians the troops from a supposed kill squad that targeted civilians they were published in rolling stone magazine which also posted videos allegedly showing u.s. attacks on afghans and soldiers already pleaded guilty to murder other war crimes hearings will also take place in the u.s. . the coast forces loyal to the internationally recognized president say they have taken control of several major cities incumbent president laurent gbagbo refuses to quit despite the widespread consensus that he last november's election church compound up to thirty thousand are trapped inside as more civilians caught in the increasingly violent crossfire are up to a million people are fled their homes during a widespread civil. only a number of threats from a series of explosions in a bullet making factory in southern yemen has apparently reached a hundred fifty planted only been seized by a militant group looted by civilians it's still unclear exactly what caused the
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blast and government demonstrations continue to rock the country with thousands running in the capital monday calling for the president to quit immediately. to twenty three minutes past the hour here in the russian capital commuters next with its knees. then welcome to business r t the russian british optical oil exploration do your hangs in the balance as conflicts in parties b.p. ross and t. n.k.v.d. prepared to live out in court the so-called moment ration tribunal will hold a meeting on the case next week artie's catarina director of. the kremlin believes that his views will not have thoughts investment climate in russia and hopes that parties will come to a solution was what kind of advice the crown and could be russia's presidential laid out i did mark which said on tuesday that this solution should be mutually beneficial for both sides in the first place gatorland gas giants b.p.
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and roll snapped agreed upon the joint exploration of the arctic shelf and a share swap and one of the biggest tie ups abrogation in russia and the western company but the deal was suspended after a court ruling after a group of russian and busters often called b.p. filed a lawsuit they complained that it breached become positive news of the russian shareholders and that they were unaware of this one joint venture for most of this is state controlled will snap will seek to push through the arctic venture and the shares will we be feed believes the deal is good for russia we also know that prime minister vladimir putin lauded the allies l.b.p. says it will apply to proceeds with the shares more on its own without the split ration however its shareholders are concerned that to these assets will alone without the right to develop will deposits in the arctic may not make sense or the british will try the ruling by store comports is obviously a setback for the company's efforts to exploit one of the world's largest on tap
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the world tropes and this agreement with ross now was part of a major strategy to revive the u.k. producer after last year's gulf of mexico oil spill. we're going to the markets now u.s. stocks are gaining this tuesday despite the quiet consumer confidence. expected that's why the dow is up half a percent nasdaq point seven percent european stocks mixed at the close that dragged down by banks especially in frankfurt shares and commerce bank fell four point four percent as of december speculate that i may be looking to increase capital p. was limited gains on the footsie as a broker downgrade sent the stock down could see added tax per cent and down just a notch respectively. in russia the markets saw quite a correction on tuesday on negative news from
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a bull segment some of the stocks energy majors were trading in the red notably lukewarm down one point eight percent rosneft two and a hot percent but bank however was fairing better than the market by i'm not sure because. the market is dominated by profit taking and which is not surprising we are seen as small oil price correction it's very very small now the west it gives investors a good excuse to take some profits from their oil and gas sector names mostly you are seeing oil and gas majors john right between chewing to a half percent on the day to day which is again quite logical inexplainable given the run up that they have head over the past three weeks. japanese car makers of mostly resumed operations on last three weeks after the disastrous quake and tsunami however the car market globally is still concerned about the supply
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disruptions forecasting firm i.h.s. automotive recently estimated that they cause a sixty five percent decline in production in the last two weeks of march however russian car dealers apparently seen no shortages so far one of the country's top car dealers roth is confident about supplies who puts that in the us so we must and will sufficient pressure we're not affected by the crisis in japan we're seeing a rise in sales of japanese cars with enough weakness in storage this applies even from japan last more than two months so now our supply chain is full and given how quickly japan is recovering we're sure the comic is will very quickly make up a little ways you know permissions. growing could be poised to invest around thirty billion dollars in russia over the next twenty years here space times as looking at developing projects in the titanium valley special economic zone in russia's urals company officials as well as suppliers and partners are visiting the region this week which could result in a package of agreements being reached by saying
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a valley is being set up to encourage the export of high tech manufacturing products. russia's budget airlines could soon use the field in the moscow region as a means of cutting costs prime minister putin said here could help reduce air traffic across the capital spree major airport that's because of the poor state of the country's regional carriers moscow currently serves as a transit hub for low cost airlines then fascinated that the proper development of the airport system could ease the capital's aviation traffic by twenty percent less of an hour we will be back in less than one hour's time with an update meanwhile you can log on to our website r t record for slash business bill is next with headlines.
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